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Almost 10% of the Ukrainian population aged over 16 use mobile internet

At least 10% of the population aged 16+ use mobile Internet and 80% of them do it through the mobile device.

This is stated in the results of the regular study of the telecommunication services for individuals by GfK Ukraine.

To figure habits of Ukrainians regarding usage of the Internet through mobile phones and their preferences of choosing between a small phone screen or large computer monitor GfK Ukraine held a special online survey. Its results show that 48% of mobile phone Internet users do this every day or almost every day. More than a half of the respondents (53%) are spending online 1-4 hours per day using a mobile phone. For comparison – 51% of respondents spend online via computer more than 5 hours per day. Most often the respondents use the Internet from a mobile phone to check e-mail (86%), to search for information (81%) and to visit social networks (74%). For shopping online mobile phone was used by 15% of the respondents.

“When analyzing the survey’s data it can be stated that the Internet usage via mobile phone is more likely to be an additional way to access the Internet than its substitute,” – says Mrs. Salomea Glibovytskaya,  senior researcher of telecom market research department in GfK Ukraine.

The most active Internet via mobile phone respondents are using in public places (84%), home (72%), at work (70%) and public transport (70%). In public places and workplaces respondents access the Internet most often through technology GPRS/EDGE/3G (39% and 45% respectively). When using the Internet at home the advantage goes to Wi-Fi (42%).

To access the Internet from phone respondents use regular mobile phones (37% of all the phones totality) as well as smartphones (63%). Among the last ones terminals with the operating system Android predominate.

Based on zn.ua report

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