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Fashion for a healthy meal replaced large household appliances in Ukraine

Over the past five years, Ukrainians started buying more devices allowing to cook healthy meals. It has been informed by the edition, which analyzed the dynamics of the household appliances market growth of the last five years.

In 2007, retailers were getting the main income from the sale of major appliances (up to 2009, this segment is growing at an annual 17-26% in terms of value). The highest proportion was attributed to the sales of washing machines and refrigerators (34% in value terms in each category). At that time Ukrainians did not trifle, giving preference to more expensive models of household appliances.

But  fashion of a healthy lifestyle coming to Ukraine had a positive impact on the sales of products that encourage to prepare healthy meals, steadily increasing sales of squeezers, steamers, bakeries, yogurt makers and blenders. At the same time the growth rate of coffee makers and espresso machines purchases which was once very impressive (in 2007, the Ukrainians purchased this appliance three times more than in 2006) is developing slowly. Largest coffee suppliers attempts to move it off the ground by launching a new segment of capsule coffee machines did not bring the desired effect - the cost of a cup of coffee (coffee drink), prepared in such a device, is higher than the price of machine espresso bought in the street.

But it is computer market that has undergone the biggest change. Desktop computers, which only five years ago were dominating in the preferences of Ukrainians (they accounted for about 77-80% of the sales of all computer equipment), are lagging behind - they are acquired primarily for centralized offices or businesses. Consumers are increasingly opting for mobile devices. The situation with printers, scanners and fax machines is even worse - their market as such is almost non-existent. During 2008-2010, specialized equipment has been squeezed out by more practical multi-functional devices.

Source: comments.ua

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