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Growth in the startups market could reach 50% a year

E-commerce market expert Denis Dovgopoly outlined his predictions for the market development of startups. According to him, today the market began to really develop their potential and is on the rise. However, the greatest market revival, in the opinion of Dovgopol, is expected in 2014. Then it can start to add 20 to 50% per year, depending on the behavior of foreign investors.

The volume of M & A deals in the Ukrainian market of startups is growing and to Denis Dovgopoly by 2014 it may reach $ 200 million. Some experts do not agree with Dennis, but Dovgopoly points out  that such predictions can really surprise, as they are well grounded. Although, of course, the expert did clarification - market development is highly dependent on the behavior of investors if foreign players are entering the market, it will grow faster if such activity is not observed, then the market will still grow, but not as rapidly. "According to my prediction, the market will grow by 20-30% per year, if the transaction are made by only existing local or non-local players, 30-40% (or more) per year, if you actively connect the Russians, and 50% + if global players keep entering our market, "- said Denis Dovgopoly.

For parts of the market transactions, the expert believes that in the first place it would be media and websites with the attendance of more than 10-20 thousand unique visitors per day. Most investors are interested in the "noisy" projects that will easily make a traffic resource. In addition, Dovgopoly is certain that in the long run larger projects will merge the smaller ones. "Cases of 50-100 thousand dollar investment, companies sold for 5.1 million dollars in 2-3 years are becoming a reality", - the expert predicts.

Based on e-commerce.com.ua report

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