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How the goods delivery sector of the Ukrainian online shops is being developed

Ukrainian online shops in desperate need of a well organized service delivery. Customers' loyalty depends on the quality of logistics and therefore profits. Particularly urgent is the problem of delivery in small and remote communities, where only public operator is represented so far.

How is the growth of the online trade reflected in the logistics companies that provide delivery of goods from the store to the customer? What are most popular delivery schemes and what awaits customers in the future? These and other questions were discussed at the round table at the conference "Business online stores 2012" by the specialists of the leading logistics companies in Ukraine Oksana Plotnikova and Pavel Bogdanov ("Ukrposhta"), Irina Kholod, Sergey Snegirev and Alexander Lisovets ("Nova Poshta"), Eugenij Glazov (Postman), Elena Petina (Ukrainian postal service).


What is the percentage of online stores in the B2C segment on the logistics market?

Pavel Bogdanov ("Ukrposhta"): In the B2C segment an estimate of online shopping reaches 25% of the market, catalog products - 38%, MLM-company - 37%. This is the volume of goods shipped. In monetary terms has been a slight bias: online shopping - 41%, catalog production - 20% MLM-company - 39%.

Irina Khold ("Nova Poshta"): According to the "Nova Poshta", 60% of the market, which is a B2C segment, about 80-85% - the share of the online stores, and the remaining 20-15% - a catalog of products and MLM. Among our clients there are much more online stores.

Elena Petina (Allukrainian postal service): According to Ukrainian postal service everything is just the opposite. The share of distance selling through online stores today is only 5%, the rest of the catalog products.


How and by what means will the share of online stores increase?

Pavel Bogdanov (Ukrposhta): Of course, the share of online stores in the B2C segment will increase. Primarily – due to the growth of Internet penetration in Ukraine. It is also obvious that by increasing the number of internet users, more people will be using bank cards. Next year, we expect an increase of about 15-20%.

Alexander Lisovets ("Nova Poshta"): In the next year, "Nova Poshta" has planned an active integration into the small towns. If we start spreading in the village, online shopping will appear there right after us. Accordingly, the market will grow.

Oksana Plotnikova (Ukrposhta): E-commerce market will be growing, but not at the village expenses. Large segments can develop through advertising, operators will increase the volume in the larger cities. But the very village will not come soon!

Of course, future belongs to the Internet. Overseas online shops operate in all areas, including food. I think in the near future Ukraine will also gain this experience, which is reflected in the growth of the overall market.

Evgeniy Glazov (Postman): The MLM-companies phase-out trend and catalog production is obvious. Therefore, we can expect growth of the online trading through the redistribution of shares among the three segments in the context of B2C.


What schemes of delivering goods from online stores are the most popular in Ukraine?

Pavel Bogdanov (Ukrposhta): Today, 80% of buyers are willing to take their goods directly from the warehouse shop. In the B2C segment of the distribution 65% of deliveries - a warehouse-store, and only the remaining 35% - a warehouse-door, door-warehouse, door-to-door.

Alexander Lisovets ("Nova Poshta"): According to our company, the number of to-door deliveries has increased since last year and now is a bit less than 20%. We are confident that this service will be increasingly in demand. As it is likely to receive more information from the courier, ask for some advice, or withdraw goods ...This growth is primarily put back due to the buyer's lack of the absolute loyalty to the courier.

Sergei Snegirev ("Nova Poshta"): The share of a warehouse-door scheme is small due to the high cost of such services. Imagine that a family living in the village, order large household appliances - a refrigerator or microwave. They can pick up a purchase at pick-up point - to drive to the local post office, load it into the bus load and happily go home. And they can order delivery to the door, which will cost them 100-150 UAH. Of course, they would prefer to save money.


Which new services of goods delivery can be demanded for in Ukraine?

Evgeniy Glazov (Postman): Postamates. This service is already represented in Ukraine in a test mode and, in my opinion, has good prospects. In Kyiv there is a network of postamates PickPoint. In addition, this market is monitored by some more operators.

Pavel Bogdanov (Ukrposhta): I do not believe in the future of postamates, and this is my personal opinion. In the coming years, they will have no prospects in Ukraine. Postamates must be constantly served, clients should be taught to get accustomed to them. Logistics market is already saturated, I do not see a vacant place to fit into the postamates.  

Alexander Lisovets ("Nova Poshta"): "Nova Poshta" will have postamates. It is not a priority, but we will introduce this service. There are good examples of postamates in Germany, so we find it appropriate to offer them in Ukraine. "Popret" will be develop. But our people are not ready for such services yet. Perhaps, in a year this situation will change.


Should the logistics be put forward for outsourcing?

Elena Petina (Ukrainian postal service): In Ukraine, many companies try to cope on their own. But if you want to do business in the normal volume, selling 2000 instead of 20 units then it is high time to attract people from outside. There are volumes that you physically can not draw. Therefore, partial outsourcing would be a reasonable solution.

Evgeniy Glazov (Postman): We have a full-time couriers performing standard delivery. But there are cases required over and above what is the responsibility of the courier - to drive to a fountain, throw an old refrigerator, assemble furniture, test a computer ... For such "dancing with tambourines" we attract outsourcing.

Pavel Bogdanov (Ukrposhta): logisticians are able to provide all the services needed by customers. But it is worth considering that the margin internet business is quite low. We will provide you a "dancing with a tambourine," but are you willing to pay for them?

Source: AIN.UA

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