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IAB Study: typical Ukrainian online buyer profile

For half a year Ukrainian users on average buy about 7 products online (in Europe, the figure is 13), and spend about 264 euros - including the Christmas holidays (European users spend twice as much - about 544 euros). These and other characteristics of the behavior of the Ukrainian audience at the conference "Business Internet Shop" voiced Ionel Naftanaila, training and projects manager in the nonprofit Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe).

These data of Mediascope Europe research, which is conducted in 28 countries (based on 50 thousand interviews). Most figures are weekly figures, the study involved people 16 years and older.

Thus, according to the study, 42% of the Ukrainians are connected to the Internet (which is less than the European figure - in Northern Europe, the figure is 87%, 61% - in southern Europe, 81% - in the West and 55% - in Central and Eastern Europe). But Ukrainians are spending more time online - on average - 20 hours a week, compared with 15 hours of the European average. Ukrainians are generally more involved in the interaction with the sites of companies, brands, than Europeans, said Ionel.

The penetration of the Internet in Ukraine is ahead of magazines but still far behind the newspapers, radio and television (TV penetration is 96%, and the Internet - 42%, radio - 43%, newspapers - 59%, magazines - 41%), but in terms of time, spent by users interacting with each of the channels, the Internet takes second place after TV (in the slides the following abbreviations are used - WE - Western Europe, NE - Northern Europe, SE - Southern Europe, CEE - Central and Eastern Europe):

How can  the  internet users benefit from using then Internet ? 80% of Ukrainian users say the Internet helps them to identify their lifestyle, 33% of users believe that it helps to manage finances, 11% use it to order tickets, search and organize trips, 83% - to stay in touch with family and friends. These figures an average are less than in Europe, but it means an upward trend of the market, in particular - to reach the European average, ensures Ionel.

The expert also voiced interesting data about the Ukrainian owners of smartphones. Thus, 25% of smartphone owners are interested in coupons and discounts tied to their position (48% in Europe), 38% - in the download of mobile applications (41% in Europe), 19% - in the QR-codes use (32% in Europe) . " The field of online shopping via mobile phones is undeveloped yet in Ukraine, but it is already a potential niche" - said the expert IAB.

Popular activities with a mobile phone (Ukraine vs Europe):

(Activities in the table - distance-selling (watch ads on the site / in the application, buy through the browser , buy through the application; Communication (receive and send emails, use social networks, use professional social networks); Entertainment (viewing sites through a browser, download / listen to music, use mobile search, upload / use applications, download / play games, watch movies, shows, videos, download movies, shows, clips).

The top five most popular types of sites, which Ukrainian users visit at least once a day, include social networks, news portals, video portals, sites of the banking and financial services, as well as sites related to hobbies. If you look at the statistics of monthly visits, the top five will include mapping sites, surpassing sites on hobbies.

It is very important for the Ukrainian business to know that 54% of the Ukrainian people share the opinion of the importance of the communication between brand and its customers online. Further  Ionel presented interesting statistics on how UAnet users interact with  brands pages in social networks:

The following table summarizes such types of interactions (from top to bottom in the left column): liked or became a fan of the brand page, unfriended the brand page, complained about the brand / product, complained directly to the company, created a group for a favorite brand, created a group to boycott brand.

"As you can see, this is a double edged sword - if 75% liked or became fans of the brand, 44% - complained directly to the company," - said the expert.

How the Internet affects the buying decision? 64% of Ukrainian users want to find more information about the products that are advertised online. And 50% of users visit the sites of brands, 49% of users would buy the product brand, which they keep tracking of in social networks (in Europe this figure was only 30%), according to the study. In general, 58% of UAnet users claim that the Internet helps them to choose the products or services. 100% of Ukrainian users search for product information online, and 83% - bought online at least once.

Internet is important when deciding to purchase the following types of items:

(Types of products, from top to bottom: electronics, financial products, health care products, travel tickets, home furnishings,  goods, cars, mobile handsets / contracts, toiletries/ cosmetics, perfumes, clothes and accessories, holiday sales, insurance).

Products with the highest conversion:

Types of goods, from the top to bottom: electronics, books, DVDs, movie tickets, toys, toiletries/cosmetics, clothing and accessories, CD-ROMs, tickets for concerts, festivals, tickets for travel, food / groceries.

Several conclusions can be drawn from the Mediascope study findings in Ukraine:

  • Search for information about the product often turns into a purchase, although users does not yet have enough trust to online transactions;
  • Internet affects the perception of brands and products, although there is still room for growth;
  • Ukrainians believe that the Internet is a good communication tool, spend a lot of time on searching for data on the interest of their goods and services.

Source: AIN.UA

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