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What are Ukrainians looking for on the internet today?

In the middle of autumn Ukrainians were actively looking for work, furniture and winter clothes. These conclusions were arrived at by Analytical Service of Ukraine’s largest free classified ads portal Slando after analyzing user search queries.

In August and September Ukrainians actively searched on the internet for refrigerators, bicycles and pets. With arrival of cold weather consumers priorities have changed dramatically. Now, each fifth search terms corresponds to winter clothing. Over the last month consumers have become more interested in coveralls, jackets, coats, leather coats, down jackets and etc.

Traditionally, Ukrainians are demonstrating keen interest in techniques and electronics. People were looking for used cell phones and laptops in every fourth request, and in 5% – refrigerators and televisions. In this case, most consumers were searching for second hand Apple devices. Thus, 18% of all requests correspond to iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Among other gadgets highly popular in the secondary market are game console Sony PSP, Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC One X, Xbox 360, and mobile phone Nokia 8800.

The greatest changes took place in job search. In October, Ukrainians began to search for jobs two times more than the previous month. In most cases, users want to find part-time job or work from home.

Traditional autumn peak of real estate market activity started to decline. If in September users were seeking for shelter in 26% of the queries then in October it was only 18%.

The first cold spell made people equip their homes. This comes out of the increased number of search queries on furniture. The most actively users were looking for beds, dressers and tables, and sofa turned out to be on the top list of the most popular search queries.

Source: finance.ua

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