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Who and why is buying from catalogues, the Internet and TV shops in Ukraine

In order to be successful in the market, it is necessary  to thoroughly  examine its potential, including the consumer. This principle is true in the case of Ukraine, with which population  it is important  to get to know, to carefully respond to its requests in the field of catalogue and online trading.

General portrait of Ukrainian consumers in Trade Mission to Ukraine for remote companies and e-commerce, which took place in Odessa on September 20-21, 2012, was presented by Jaroslav Pelykh, marketer of consultancy NSBK.

According to him, the structure of the population of Ukraine is the following:

• the majority are women;

• about two-thirds of Ukrainians - young and working-age population;

• approximately 70% of Ukrainians live in cities.

Given these data and the steady growth of GDP per capita, it seems quite favourable to do business in Ukraine. More detailed studies, according to Yaroslav Pelykh led to such results in the individual categories of consumption:

Consumer of distance-selling companies:

• Female (75-80% chance)

• Living in a city with a population of less than 100 thousand people, PGT, village (probability - 50-55%)

• On average, make  2 purchases per year

• The average bill per order  is 45 euros

The main reasons for buying in this segment are inability to realize their consumer opportunities (due to poorly developed regional retail) and the desire to buy something unique.

As for the use of the Internet by Ukrainians, about half of the population of large cities use it for selling and buying purposes. Other purposes for surfing online can be referred to as multimedia consumption, studying resources search, internet calls.   Also of interest is the steady Internet penetration increase into the country, where more than 15 million regular users are over 16 years old.

The consumer online shopping portrait is the following:

• Men aged 26-41 years old (55-60% chance)

• Living in Kiev or any other million inhabitant city (probability - 50-55%)

• The average bill per order is 30 euros

Basic buying motive in this case is the desire to buy a unique product, at a lower price, avoiding visiting traditional store and delivery of goods, availability of detailed information about the product and its properties.

A separate category is teleshopping consumers, which the company NSBK sees as:

• Women aged 35-45 years (60-70% chance)

• Living in Kiev or any other million inhabitant city (probability - 50-55%)

• make repeated purchase (30% probability)

• The average bill per order estimates 80-100 Euros

The main motives for the purchase of goods from teleshopping is an impulsive decision to buy a useful thing for the household and health care here and now.

More information about this study can be found here.

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