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ECCO shoe retailer is going to develop a sales network in Ukraine

Having opened 21 franchiseв stores, MTІ will keep developing branded network in Ukraine.

MTІ Group has been developing footwear brand ECCO in Ukraine since 1995. Today, ECCO monobrand store chain is represented by 21 retail outlets in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kremenchuk, Kherson and Gorlivka.

All ECCO shops in Ukraine work  as  on franchised ones. The company plans to expand its partner network, opening stores in cities where the ECCO brand has not been introduced yet.

"Recently, an upward trend in the construction of European standard shopping centers has been observed not only in Kiev or any other big city, but also in other cities of Ukraine - says ECCO retail manager Andrei Chebotaru. - One of the vivid examples is the recent opening of Mall FABRIKA in  Kherson, which comprises ECCO store of course."

Today, under the brand ECCO shoes are sold not only within the network with the same name. The range of the brand is also represented in 67 Intertop shops across Ukraine.

"It's not a secret that the brand ECCO is popular among Ukrainians due to its quality and comfort. Ever since this popularity it has  been gaining great pace and has been extended the reach of its customers - says Andrey Chebotarev. - Now our country is in the list of the world's leaders in the number of  ECCO shoes sales. And given the fact that the brand has been actively developing a line of accessories, we are confident that the audience of our clients will continue expanding."

Source: proretail.info

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