Distance Selling
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The global volume of distance-selling will reach $ 1.25 trillion in 2013

According to the SLI Systems study, the volume of the world distance-selling will exceed $ 1.25 trillion in 2013.

SLI Systems research has also found that due to the components of commercial success in 2013, the representatives of the distance-selling see update or replace of the software platform (18%), the functionality of the site improvement(18%) and search engine optimization (17%).

40% of Internet marketers are planning to integrate the mobile strategy since the new year. And 15% of online retailers are going to strengthen existing mobile commerce strategy.

20% of the mobile sites owners will improve the customer experience and increase sales by expanding the search capabilities of their mobile resource.

Another 20% of online marketers are planning to launch mobile application for e-commerce in the new year.

To facilitate the search for information and products online, online stores are going to focus on improving or adding a test (52%), specification  (48%) and actions for the sale of goods (39%).

Adding data not related to the goods will provide consumers with the information, enabling them to make purchasing decisions, according to online seller respondents.

57% use Twitter for buyers information, 56% use articles and press releases. More than a half of marketers (53%) use such means of communication as blogs and video.

Poll participants were representatives of 500 international companies engaged in distance-selling.


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