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Customer Support

The most popular forms of ordering products in Ukraine are by phone and via Internet. Today the share of Internet orders makes up 7-60% depending on commercial qualities of the product and target audience preferences. In 60-80% of cases, while choosing goods at e-shops, Ukrainian consumers, who prefer live communication, order them by phone. Besides, a lot of customers, having performed an order with the help of e-commerce, anyway make a call to the shop’s hot line. For this purpose, many distance selling companies introduce an obligatory phone call as a confirmation of an order into the procedure of customer communication.

Distribution of orders between communication/order reception channels in 2010 (for goods only)*:

* Research carried out by Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association

In order to satisfy the demands of Ukrainian consumers connected with personal communication, professional call centers successfully operate in Ukraine. Such centers work on modern equipment and use practical experience of leading representatives of their industry.

Dealing with reclamations

Appeals and complaints of Ukrainian consumers are mainly connected with mistakes in kitting up parcels, as well as with occasional confusions upon delivery of orders.

There are some cases of appeals to state authorities responsible for consumer rights protection. However, carefully developed and organized business procedures are the condition required to save the reputation of a distance selling company and an opportunity to retain customers.

Another important rule for a distance selling operator is organization of efficient feedback from customers by phone, e-mail and other communication channels, in order to most efficiently react to any request.

Product refunds

Ukrainian consumers seldom return purchased goods – the share of refunds makes up only about 0.1% of the turnover. Textile refunds are less than 10%. It is conditioned by the mentality of consumers, who prefer to give the goods to their friends than to return them to the seller. It is also not like Ukrainians to order several items to choose the one that will suit most.

It’s also notable that in accordance with Ukrainian legislation consumers have the right to exchange/return the purchased item within 14 days, in case it is of inadequate quality or didn’t suit the buyer. However, there is a list of goods that are not subject to exchange or return. It includes cosmetics, underwear, medicine, periodicals, jewelry, etc. [ПО1] 

Money refunds

For the purpose of money refunds to the customer, a distance selling operator can use two options:

  • postal money transfer;
  • transfer to a bank account.

It’s notable that a postal transfer is the most popular way to perform money refunds for the goods. Calculations are made based on the cost of goods as of the moment of their purchase, and payment shall be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of a request from the customer (in accordance with the law of Ukraine). The service of money transfer is provided by the national postal operator Ukrposhta. The term of receipt of the money from the date of its sending within the territory of Ukraine makes up four or five days at the average.

A consumer is also entitled to exchange the purchased item using the amount of money paid within next orders. Depending on the opportunities of the CRM system and the policy of the distance selling company, crediting the virtual account of the consumer is made or the corresponding amount is used as a bonus upon payment for the next order.

In what cases can a consumer be denied a refund or exchange?

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