Distance Selling
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Legal System

Ukrainian legislation is developing rather dynamically in line with the pace of business development and in accordance with international standards.

Among fundamental legal acts in force regulating distance selling in Ukraine the following should be noted:

In the field of postal service

The Decree of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine “On approval of regulations for mail order business” of 11.06.2008 No. 206/699 

The Decree of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine “On approval of regulations for selling goods upon order outside shopping and office premises” of 19.04.2007, No. 103

The Law of Ukraine “On consumer rights protection”

In the field of advertisement:

The Law of Ukraine “On advertisement”

In the field of personal data protection:

The Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection”

The Law of Ukraine “On information”

The Law of Ukraine “On copyright and allied rights”

The Civil Code of Ukraine

In the field of taxation:

The Tax Code of Ukraine

The Law of Ukraine on income tax of physical persons

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