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Ukraine went 18 positions up in the ranking of tax systems

Ukraine, compared to last year, improved its performance by 18 positions in the PricewaterhouseCoopers ranking of tax systems.

Governments around the world continue to reform their tax system, despite the instability of the global economy, according to the official report of the World Bank, IFC, and PwC Paying Taxes 2013. For example, since June last year to May 2012, 31 countries had their tax payment procedures for small and medium businesses simplified.

According to the study, Ukraine, compared to last year improved its performance by 18 positions and climbed in the rankings from 183rd to 165th place.

Paying Taxes 2013 measures all mandatory taxes and fees, medium-sized companies have to pay during the year. These include the corporate income tax, social contributions and labor taxes paid by the employer, property taxes, taxes on the transfer of ownership, the tax on dividends, taxes on capital income, the tax on financial transactions, environmental taxes, taxes on car owners funds, tolls and other minor taxes.

Based on delo.ua report

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